About Us

Groundwater Science was formed in 2011. We are a small firm that works with a select group of clients to ensure their projects receive our full focus.The business principals, Ben Jeuken and Paul Magarey have over 30 years combined experience in groundwater management. 

Ben’s focus has been the practical management of groundwater for mining projects in SA, NT and WA. In addition to mine water management, Ben has two specialty areas of expertise – In-situ Leach Uranium Mining and Potash Brine Project Development. 

Paul has an extremely valuable combination of regulatory insight and practical experience. He specialises in water management for quarries, mines, agriculture and aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) schemes. Previously Paul worked for a decade in the public sector including the Mining Assessments Division of South Australia’s water resources regulator.

Paul Magarey

BSc Hydrogeology, Master of Science, Ore Deposit Geology

Senior Hydrogeologist / Director

Paul is a Senior Hydrogeologist with 15 years’ experience in the groundwater and natural resources management sectors. He has specialist experience in the areas of:

• Aquifer storage and recovery / aquifer reinjection
• Groundwater supply development, geological interpretation and construction of wells.
• Mine and quarry water management
• Approvals, permitting and water licensing.

Ben Jeuken

BSc (Hons) Groundwater Hydrology

Principal Hydrogeologist / Director

Ben is a Principal Hydrogeologist with 16 years’ experience in the groundwater and mining industry. He has specialist experience in the areas of:
• Mine Water Management
• Groundwater Supply Development
• ISR Uranium Mining
• Potash Brine Project Development

Emma Golder

BSc Hydrogeology


Emma is a Hydrogeologist with 10 years’ experience in the groundwater and mining industry. She has specialist experience in the areas of:
• In-situ Recovery Uranium Mining and the management of reinjection wellfields;
• Drilling Supervision and Well Construction
• Groundwater flow modelling for mining developments;
• Groundwater Studies for Approvals.

Rodney Anchan

BSc Geology, MSc Geology


Rodney has 18 years’ experience as an engineering geologist, drilling engineer and hydrogeologist working in civil engineering, mining, petroleum and groundwater fields. He has specialist experience in the areas of:
• Drilling planning, management and supervision.
• Geological logging inclusive of geophysical interpretation;
• Data analysis;
• Report compilation