Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR)

Groundwater Science Pty Ltd (GWS) has significant experienced in the application of Aquifer Storage and Recovery and its related field of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR).

ASR / MAR enables high quality water to be stored underground during periods of low demand and to be withdrawn during peak demand periods. ASR and MAR are becoming increasingly important for local government, water utilities and the resources sector for integrated water management.

Applications include:

  • Water supply diversification, drought proofing and flood mitigation. Water is harvested from available surface water catchments, injected into aquifers and recovered during high demand periods.
  • Disposal of surplus water from mines and quarries.
  • Storage of desalinated water, with subsequent recovery in peak demand periods.
  • Disposal of co-produced water from petroleum production or coal seam gas.
  • Disposal of brine from desalination plants in to deep saline aquifers.

Groundwater Science has significant experience conducting ASR-MAR projects including:

  • Pre-feasibility investigations including desktop assessments and baseline groundwater studies.
  • Field investigations including construction of injection bores, aquifer testing and groundwater modelling.
  • Bore clogging studies and geochemical modelling.
  • Design of ASR headworks and pump specifications.
  • Compliance monitoring and management including regulatory reporting.
  • Drilling supervision and management of drilling / pump contractors including tender and contract management.