Groundwater Supply and Development

Groundwater Science provides groundwater supply services to the mining, quarrying, government, agricultural and domestic sectors. We tailor water supply projects to meet our client’s needs from large scale wellfields to smaller scale supplies for the agricultural and domestic user.

Key services offered by Groundwater Science include:

  • Baseline studies identifying groundwater, surface or reclaimed water as potential supply options.
  • Siting of bores based on geological interpretation and structural analysis.
  • Water well construction including well specifications, contractor supervision and contract management.
  • Statutory approvals including well permitting, groundwater licenses and regulatory liaison.
  • Aquifer pumping tests, hydraulic analysis and sustainable yield assessments.
  • Analytical and numerical modelling to predict groundwater behaviour.
  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling including laboratory analysis.
  • Bore performance assessments, iron bacteria treatment and pump specifications.